Tantalum (Ta) and Niobium (Nb)

Maritime House is the authorized distributor of Tantalum (Ta) and Niobium (Nb) (also called Columbium (Cb)) products manufactured by FIR Metals& Resource Ltd to the superalloy industry and gas turbine manufacturers in North America, Europe, Russia and Ukraine.

All tantalum and niobium products supplied by Maritime House are EICC approved and REACH compliant.


Products supplied by Maritime House and FIR include:

Tantalum (Ta)

Niobium (Nb) (also called Columbium (Cb))

  • Ta ingot
  • Ta sintered bar
  • Metallurgical Ta strip
  • Metallurgical Ta powder
  • TaC powder
  • Commercially pure Ta2O5
  • Optical grade Ta2O5
  • Nb ingot
  • Metallurgical Nb strip
  • Metallurgical Nb powder
  • NbC powder
  • Commercially pure Nb2O5
  • Optical grade Nb2O5